We’re THANKFUL for HVAC Rebates in Phoenix! - Parker & Sons

We were just thinking to ourselves, “How can we make our November deals even better?” By adding on HVAC rebates for even more savings!

HVAC rebates for energy efficiency

You might be wondering, what exactly are these rebates? They are brought to you through Arizona Public Service, Southwest Gas, and ENERGY STAR. (We wrote a past blog about ENERGY STAR, and how they saving the planet and saving you money, with products that use less energy!)

Disclaimer: these rebates are listed as active on an external website, and cannot guaranteed by Parker and Sons!

These rebates include:

Arizona Public Service (customers only)

$200 off the purchase of a new air conditioner or heat pump of at least 15 SEER

$30 off a qualifying smart thermostat

Southwest Gas (customers only)

Up to 50% off the equipment cost of a boiler or water heater

However, for this last deal, you’ll have to act fast, because Southwest Gas is only offering it through the end of 2020!

Are these the only HVAC deals and discounts in Phoenix?

OK, OK, we know that question was a setup! Here at Parker and Sons, we have tons of November deals, like $1,000 off a new HVAC system, $100 off the installation of any air conditioner or heat pump, and $500 off a tankless water heater installation. Do you notice anything here? (Besides our great deals just for our Phoenix customers?)

It’s that OUR deals can be combined with the mail-in rebates from Arizona Public Service and Southwest Gas, in order to make the deal even better! We’re happy to work with programs and companies that are dedicated to saving the planet, and saving you money on your energy bills, with their special offers.

Since the “50% off a boiler or tankless water heater” rebate does expire on December 31st, we encourage you to act fast! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our products and services, to see if you’re in a position where you can buy something new and get these awesome rebates. To learn more, contact us online or call us at (602) 273-7247.

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