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Luckily, since we usually don’t get ice and snow here in Phoenix, you avoid most winter plumbing problems. But that doesn’t mean you would NEVER have to deal with frozen pipes or clogged drains …

Holiday clogged drains

Keep in mind that not all winter plumbing problems are caused by cold weather. We consider clogged drains to be an increased risk in the wintertime, not because of low temperatures, but because of the holidays. You’re probably cooking a lot more around this time, and if you’re getting grease, fat, and food in your drain, this can rapidly lead to a clog. Plus, cold weather can cause this to happen faster than it would in the summer! Some people wouldn’t consider this a “winter plumbing problem,” but we see more clogged kitchen drains around the holidays than any other time of year!

The slim but real chance of frozen pipes

It’s possible that in the week or two in January when it’s the coldest here in Phoenix – and the weather can get as low as mid-twenties some places here in the Valley – you could have issues with frozen pipes. As you can imagine, though, frozen pipes are most likely to be a problem with outdoor plumbing. For example, if you have ground level pipes outside your house, you can wrap them in a blanket, or if you have any outdoor faucets, (like in a pool house), leave it open for a steady drip to prevent freezing. Overall, your interior pipes are not in much danger, but you will want to make sure that whoever installed your pipes in the first place insulated them with good quality insulation. You can always count on Parker and Sons to insulate pipes during installation!

Don’t try and thaw pipes on your own

Yes, there are some good guidelines online about using a hair dryer, or portable heater, to thaw frozen pipes. But this is actually not a good idea! Why? Because, as you probably know, when water turns into ice, it expands. Then, when the ice melts, it contracts. Fast expansion and contraction is not safe for your pipes, so it’s safest to just shut off your water main and call the professionals at Parker & Sons.

For reliable, affordable plumbing services, you can always count on Parker & Sons. The last thing you want during the holidays is a plumbing emergency. If you need us to come to your rescue in the Phoenix area, just call us at (602) 273-7247 or contact us online anytime!

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