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Anyone who claims to be a resident of Arizona knows that for eight months of the year, the climate is perfect, and for four months out of the year, it is almost unbearable. Indeed, the devastating Arizona Inferno can be a difficult place to dwell. But of course, AC offers a respite from the scorching heat, the sweltering sun, and the dangers of summer. Indeed, to go without AC would be almost impossible, and below are a few tips to optimize AC performance.

Hot Appliances Avoid

There are some people in the world who allegedly like cooking. Indeed, this is a great way to save money. But during the Arizona summer, it might be too hot to cook. Homeowners should avoid time behind the stove, lest they intend to run their energy bills through the roof. What’s more, this will take some of the pressure off your air conditioner and ensure optimal performance.

Fanning is Fabulous

It seems obvious, but the use of a fan is essential for the Arizona summer. It takes some of the stress off your home’s AC will keeping you cool amidst the hellish heat. Also, nothing is more satisfying then coming in from the heat, only to be cooled down by a breezy high powered fan.

Have an AC Expert on Speed Dial

In the event that your air conditioner stops functioning, you will need to have an AC expert on call. Reach out to us at Parker and Sons to help handle your AC needs. Our staff of expert technicians are eagerly awaiting your call, ready to respond on a razors edge.

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