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A water heater is an important and essential part of any home environment that must be maintained to ensure proper operation. Here are a few simple and easy to implement tips for homeowners wishing to maintain a water heater in the best condition possible at all times. One of the most common and frequently discussed tips with regard to water heaters is to simply ensure that the thermostat is always set at 120°F.

Never Cover The Thermostat With Insulation

This is considered the norm when it comes to a comfortable water heater temperature. Anything above this can cause scolding or burning while anything below this may be uncomfortable for homeowners. Another great way to make the most of the performance of a water heater is to consider insulating an electric hot water heater storage tank. As an added note, it is important to never cover the thermostat with insulation. The best strategy in this regard is to always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations and documentation that came with the water heater.

Hire A Professional To Do The Work

Another useful strategy is to insulate the first several feet of the hot and cold water pipes that are connected to the actual water heater. Insulation plays an important role in keeping a water heater and other components of plumbing operating normally. One of the best ways to get the most out of insulating a water heater is to simply hire a professional to do the work. This can help to make certain that no errors or mistakes will be experienced when insulating these crucial elements of a home water heating system.

Create Much Greater Levels Of Efficiency

Finally, there are a number of ways to save on water heating bills that are worth considering. For example, one of the easiest and most economical ways is to simply use less hot water. Reducing the amount of hot water used can make a big difference in one’s overall energy usage or energy bill. Turning down the thermostat is another effective way of saving money when it comes to water heater operation. Finally, insulating a water heater as discussed can create much greater levels of efficiency. In fact, the only other option is to simply purchase a new and more efficient water heater. Contact Parker & Sons, Inc. today to learn more about Phoenix plumbing services that are affordable and effective.

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