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Like any other appliance in the home, a water heater requires special attention when it comes to ensuring the highest levels of safety. Taking basic safety precautions can go a long way in keeping everyone safe when it comes to the routine operation of a water heater. Follow these basic safety tips to keep your family secure and keep your water heater working in the most efficient way possible.

Comprehensive Support Information Online

One example of an essential safety tip when it comes to water heaters is to be sure to always read all of the manufacturers instructions and documentation with regard to operating and maintaining a water heater. There is typically a wealth of information available in this regard that should never be overlooked. In addition, many manufacturers now offer comprehensive support information online. Accessing a wide array of information with regard to a specific model of a water heater is easier today than it has ever been in the past thanks to the advent of the Internet.

Right Type Of Insulation

Another important aspect of safety when it comes to water heaters is to always avoid allowing dust, dirt or lint to block any of the air intakes at the bottom of the water tank. In addition, when installing insulation blankets or commercial pipe wraps it is important to choose products that are approved for the specific type of water heater being used. Whether it is a gas water heater or electric water heater, talk with your plumbing professional to make sure that the right type of insulation is being installed. Making an error in this regard can easily result in a fire or damage to the water heater itself.

Create A Hazard

When securing insulation onto a water heater it is always important to use the straps that have been provided by the manufacturer to properly secure insulation. Using duct tape or other types of tape can ultimately result in damage to the water heater or a potential fire. Finally, homeowners should always be cautious and never store any type of material or products on top of or near a water heater. This is a sure way to create a hazard and cause potential problems down the road. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix water heater service and Phoenix plumbing services.

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