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The United Nations has agreed to promote the use of Earth’s fifth natural resource, using less, more specifically, less water. Conservation has accounted for the drop in global carbon emissions, and the increase in global welfare. Those residents in California will surely be familiar with conservation, given that the drought plaguing the state is unlikely to slow up. But you don’t need to be in California to conserve. Essentially, we are all in this together. Below are a few tips that will reduce your energy bill, and reduce the stress caused to our common mother—earth.

Water Conservation Tips

The easiest way to save water is to simply use less. Using the sink only to rinse your tooth brush will drastically reduce the amount of water you waste. By some accounts, abstaining from running the sink while you brush will conserve 8 gallons of water per day. That amounts to 200 gallons a month, and 24,000 gallons a year. That is enough water to fill a giant aquarium filled with bottle nosed dolphins.

Water Conserving Shower Heads and Faucets

A traditional showerhead will emit 5.5 gallons of water per minute. But this amount is excessive for bathing purposes. It is an easy way to waste water and spike your bill. Those who are interested in saving money and conserving water should consider a low output showerhead, which will emit somewhere around 2 gallons per minutes. Some are concerned that a water conserving showerhead will result in weak, bushy hair—false! The showerhead is designed to increase water pressure, while emitting less. A low emission faucet is a no brainer. Installing one in the sink will save a significant amount of water, and it will clog less than a standard sink. If you are interested in jumping on board with the new wave of energy conservation, then reach out to us at Parker and Sons today.

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