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Using Essential Oils to Brighten Your Home

Home maintenance can feel like a constant battle. Plumbing problems sneak up, HVAC units break down, and general cleaning issues never seem to end. Homeowners need all the help they can get. The use of essential oils can bring some fun and freshness to your everyday home maintenance tasks.

Using Essential Oils as Natural Air Fresheners

There is nothing better than walking into a room and being immediately surrounded by a light, fresh, invigorating scent. Many homeowners purchase expensive brand name air fresheners, which smell delightful for a week, then quickly become scentless. Fill a glass bowl with water, and microwave it for 5 minutes. Be careful taking it out of the microwave, it is going to be hot. Place it in the middle of a room you want to freshen. Add 5-6 drops of an essential oil of your choice. The scent of the oil will quickly suffuse the room.

Making Vacuuming Fun

Of all the chores that fill homeowners with dread, vacuuming may be number one on the list. It is loud, tedious, and endlessly annoying. Take two cotton balls, and soak them with a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. Place them in your vacuum bag. As you are vacuuming they will release a subtle, and delightful aroma everywhere you go.

Killing Mold

Essential oils aren’t just for brightening the air, they can also be use as potent cleaning agents. Tea tree oil is very effective at killing most common types of mold. Mix 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil with 2 cups of warm water, and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray molded locations, and let sit for an hour or two. When you come back the mold should wipe off with ease. Tea tree oil does have a distinct scent. If you wish to remove it, you can use the previously discussed natural air freshener technique.

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