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An HVAC system is one of the most essential elements of a home today. It is designed to provide warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. In truth, few people could live in comfort without this modern convenience. When the temperature soars homeowners depend upon a reliable system that works when it is needed the most. Here are just a few simple ways to improve the performance of a typical HVAC unit in residential use today.

Mow In Such A Way That Grass Clippings Are Blown Away

For example, keep all vegetation growth and other objects at least two feet away from an outdoor HVAC unit. The unit should be completely clear of any overgrowth vegetation on all sides as well as above the unit. When mowing the lawn it is recommended to mow in such a way so that grass clippings are blown away from an outdoor HVAC unit. An HVAC system must be given adequate space to function normally.

A Tight Fitting Cover That Is Lightweight

It is equally important, especially during the fall to make certain that leaves do not clog the air inlet of an HVAC unit. The free movement of air is essential to a healthy heating and air-conditioning system. The fan must be able to do its job uninterrupted. One excellent idea is to cover an outdoor HVAC unit with a tight fitting cover that is lightweight if it will not be used for an extended period of time. For example, while on vacation or when the weather is pleasant and when conditioned air will not be needed for weeks at a time simply cover the unit.

A Smart And Cost Effective Strategy

Keeping a unit free of everything from grass clippings to leaves and snow as well as frost and dirt will ensure that conditioned air will always be available on demand. These simple yet important measures can help to ensure that an HVAC unit works as advertised year round and can also serve to save homeowners a considerable amount of money over the long term. Preventative measures are an excellent way to maintain virtually every aspect of a modern home. From appliances to plumbing and a heating and cooling system, staying proactive is a smart and cost effective strategy. Contact Parker & Sons for Phoenix HVAC repair services today.

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