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The heating systems that are available today are incredibly efficient and reliable. However, there are occasions when a heating system is not performing as intended. When this happens there are a few things homeowners can do to remedy the problem. Any type of problem that a homeowner feels requires the guidance and assistance of a professional is best handled calling an HVAC system technician as soon as is possible.

Removing Any Obstructions That May Be Blocking Registers

One example of a problem that a homeowner may encounter with regard to a central heating system is if rooms are not warm enough. When this happens something as simple as replacing the system’s air filter can fix the problem. In addition, sealing leaking ducts with top-quality duct tape and cleaning the systems registers or removing any obstructions that may be blocking registers can quickly remedy this type of problem. Another situation that requires immediate attention is when a system is producing no heat at all.

Stay Proactive With Regard To Replacing Heating System Filters

The best remedy in this regard is to first check for any blown fuses or circuit breakers that may have tripped unexpectedly. Another common reason for a complete lack of heat is that a drive belt may have failed. This type of problem is typically best handled by a qualified HVAC system professional. Another problem that is sometimes encountered by homeowners with regard to a heating system is the buildup of soot around the home. One of the easiest ways to address this problem is to stay proactive with regard to replacing heating system filters at regular intervals.

Return A System To Normal Operation

Equally of concern is when a heating system blower begins making strange noises when the burner is turned off. This is another instance where an HVAC professional will be able to address the problem most effectively. In most instances, a technician will adjust belt tension or replace a drive belt completely. A technician may also find that blower mounts have become defective and as such will replace these mounts as a way to correct the problem. Finally, technicians often find that simply tightening the setscrews on pulleys within the system can return a system to normal operation. Contact Parker & Sons today for efficient, affordable and reliable Phoenix heating system repairs.

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