Topics in Plumbing Innovation - Parker & Sons

Just like any other industry, the world of plumbing is constantly changing, evolving, and growing. New innovations are always being made as new technologies debut every year. Part of being an amazing plumbing company is being keyed in to these developments. Parker & Sons has always been on the cutting edge of plumbing innovation, incorporating new techniques and utilizing new products as soon as they are available.

Improving Efficiency

The efficiency of plumbing products is always an important topic. This is even truer today as more focus is placed on conservation and being environmentally consciences. When attempting to improve the efficiency of plumbing products, we are always trying to lower the amount of water they use and waste. We also want to lower the amount of power that things like water heaters and washing machines utilize. This is a constant effort, but improvements are being made every day. High efficiency products also help save money on monthly utility bills.

Improving Design

Let’s face it, efficiency is a very important topic, but most people really care about design as well. No one wants a product if it is going to be an eyesore. People want fixtures and products that look beautiful. They like elegant modern designs. This is something product developers are always looking to improve on. The best products seamlessly blend design, function and efficiency all together without making sacrifices. Unfortunately, sometimes products like this can be expense. Speaking of price…

Improving Value

We always want to deliver the highest value possible in terms of both plumbing services and products. This means passing savings on to customers. If a new plumbing technique is developed which saves time, than that savings can be passed on. The same is true for products. If a new method for manufacturing toilets is pioneered which cuts production costs in half, than everyone benefits.

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