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Regardless of the complexity of a typical home plumbing project it is always good to have many of the standard plumbing related tools available and on hand. In addition to having the right tools available it is also critical to make sure that all tools are properly maintained and functioning correctly. Defective tools, broken tools or malfunctioning tools can easily cause injury or damage to plumbing components.

A Few Different Basic Wrenches Available

There are many tools that are required to complete a plumbing project in the right way. For example, a pipe wrench is a standard tool that should always be on hand and available when doing a plumbing related job. Homeowners may choose to have more than one pipe wrench available in various sizes. In addition to a pipe wrench, homeowners should have at least a few different basic wrenches available when conducting any type of plumbing project. Gripping faucet attachments and pipes is much easier when using the right type of wrench.

Removing Debris And Dirt From Pipes

Tubing cutters are also essential when doing a plumbing job. This type of tool performs well when cutting through copper pipes in tight spaces and other areas. Equally important is to have available some type of circular wire brush. This is an excellent tool for removing debris and dirt from pipes prior to beginning the soldering process. A torch is also recommended when doing any type of plumbing project. This is a useful piece of equipment when soldering pipes.

Removing Small Metal Objects From A Drain

Fortunately for homeowners there are many inexpensive propane torch systems available in most hardware stores today. Another essential tool when doing a plumbing job around the home is a level. A level is important because it can help to ensure the pipes are installed in the right way. Equally useful is a drill. Whether the drill is cordless or corded it will be useful in drilling holes for pipes when they will be attached to studs or other parts of the home. Finally, a plunger should always be readily available and on hand as well as a magnet. A magnet can be handy in removing small metal objects from a drain. Contact Parker & Sons today for experienced and dedicated Phoenix plumbing services that are always reliable and dependable.

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