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Welcome back to our two part series covering the different toilets found around the world! We covered some pretty interesting toilets in part one, and we have even more for you here in part two. Without further ado, here are even more toilets you might come across on your next big trip around the globe!

Chemical Toilets

Believe it or not, you’ve probably used one of these without knowing it. If you’re wondering what these are, they are portable toilets (port-a-potty), and toilets found on airplanes, trains, and large buses. However, most airplanes use a vacuum system, rather than a chemical system. Focusing back to chemical commodes, these toilets feature a nitrate-based formula, which breaks down waste biologically. While no one particularly likes to use these, it can sometimes be the only option. Luckily, newer models will now have hand sanitizer and extra toilet paper inside the individual stall.

Flying Toilets

Weird name, right? Unfortunately, these toilets are very unsanitary and unhygienic. Usually found in informal African settlements, these toilets are basically comprised of plastic bags which are then buried as a form of waste. Flying toilets pose many problems to people’s health, as you could imagine. Not only does plastic decompose at an extremely slow rate (which is why they aren’t considered a recyclable option), if they aren’t buried deep enough, they attract flies, other bugs, and even small rodents.

Floating Toilets

While these toilets don’t technically “float,” per se, the toilet seat sits upon a platform built above the water. All waste lands in a large barrel or tank underneath the platform, so that it doesn’t land in the water and cause any pollution. Once enough waste builds up in the tanks and barrels, it is then brought to the shore, where it is brought to a larger sewage system. The reason for these toilets is that they cut the cost down from creating long and extensive sewage pipelines in areas with proper systems.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about how people use the toilet in all parts of the world!

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