Toilets Around The World (Part 1) - Parker & Sons

Anyone who has spent time traveling to different countries knows that the toilets abroad are completely unlike the toilets we have in America. Even if you’ve only ever traveled to one other country, the difference in how we sit on toilets can be a bit confusing as well as surprising. If you’re wondering what these differences are, we’ve taken some time to tell you about them! So sit back, relax, and read this the next time you’re on the “Jon.”

American Toilets

Well, we don’t need to spend much time on this because you’ve more than likely used it! Just note that toilet paper is a unique asset to American toilets.

Squatting Pan

Sometimes known as an Indian Pan, Asian Pan, or Orissa Pan, the squatting pan is basically a hole in the ground with a designated area to place your feet. Unlike the toilets we are used to in America, these are connected to “S” and “P” traps, rather than a standard drainage pipe line. Likewise, there is no need to flush these toilets. It might also be the case that you won’t find any toilet paper sitting next to a squat pan, as toilet paper itself is more of an American thing. Instead, you might find something similar to a watering pot, with a spout attached to the top.

Smart Toilet

These types of toilets are the most technologically advanced by far. After all, with a name like “smart toilet,” you could already guess technology will be involved. These toilets are quite advanced, and can even sense when someone is approaching, where the toilet will then automatically open its cover. While there are numerous features on this technological commode, one of its greatest might be its UV cleaning system. Likewise, it comes with a full flush option, dual flush, and echo-friendly flush.

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