Tips To Reduce Your Heating Bill This Fall - Parker & Sons

As the weather is starting to cool down, you might find your heating bill is beginning to rise. And while we certainly don’t get the coldest weather here in Arizona, it gets cold nonetheless. But if you think you’ll have to be spending a large chunk of your paycheck on heating bills this season, don’t worry! At Parker & Sons, we strive to provide you with top quality service, while also fulfilling our commitment to the community, which is why we have decided to let you in on some useful tips on how to reduce your heating bill this year:

  • Keep your blinds open during the day: Even when it’s cold outside, the sun’s rays still beam strong. Therefore, keep your blinds open during the daytime so that the sun can heat your home naturally. This is especially helpful if you have windows on the south side of your home, since that is the direction the sun’s rays hit most frequently. It would also be a good idea to trim any branches from the trees or palm trees that might be in the way of your home receiving sunlight.
  • Turn down your water heater: While it might seem like a good idea to turn your water heater onto the highest level during the fall and winter, it’s unnecessary and costing more money than you’d need to spend. Instead, keep the dial at “normal,” which is about 120 degrees. In all reality, most people don’t use water hotter than this temperature, except for Jacuzzis. Doing this shaves off an estimated 7-10% of your current heating bill.
  • Keep your thermostat low: Well, we don’t mean keep it so low that you still feel cold. By keeping it low, we mean turning your thermostat anywhere between 75-79 degrees. By keeping it at this moderate temperature, you won’t be racking up a high heating bill. This is also best if used in addition to keeping your blinds open during the colder seasons.
  • Lock your windows: If you keep your windows unlocked, not only are you putting yourself at risk for a home invasion, but you’re letting small amounts of draft into your home. When it’s really cold outside, the cold air can quickly fill up the room, making it colder than before.

All of these tips can be used in conjunction with each other, and you might find your monthly heating bill lower than ever!

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