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Homeowners concerned about maintaining their air-conditioning and heating system in top condition may choose to consider these basic and essential air-conditioning system tips and strategies. For example, one often forgotten and essential element of good air-conditioning system care and maintenance is to always change the filters at least every 90 days.

Allow For Adequate Airflow

This is a simple and inexpensive way of keeping an air-conditioning system running at its very best throughout the year. Those that live in windy environments or dusty environments should consider changing their air-conditioning filters more frequently. Equally important is for those with allergies to change their AC filter as often as is necessary. As an added note, homeowners should always be aware of the small arrow that is typically found on an air-conditioning filter. When replacing a filter always install the filter so that it is in the proper position to allow for adequate airflow through the unit.

Getting The Best Performance

Another key consideration with regard to air-conditioning filters is to choose pleated filters. While these filters may be a few dollars more in terms of cost, they are far better than inexpensive fiberglass filters. Many filters also have a performance rating number on them to let consumers know how effective they are in terms of being able to filter particulates, dust and debris. A pleated synthetic type filter is often the best option when it comes to getting the best performance. Another great way of maintaining an air-conditioning system at its very best is to check the air coming out of the system vents occasionally.

A Lower Variation In Temperature

By simply comparing the air drawing into the system at the return vent and comparing that temperature to the temperature of the air coming out of an exhaust vent can provide a tremendous amount of information in terms of system efficiency. In most instances, there should be a variation of about 15° between these two key temperatures. A higher variation in temperature may indicate that there is a clogged AC filter. Conversely, a lower variation in temperature may indicate that system Freon is below acceptable levels. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable AC repair technician is typically the best option when it comes to repairing this type of system. Contact Parker & Sons today for Phoenix AC repair and maintenance services.

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