Tips For Staying Safe When Conducting A Plumbing Project At Home - Parker & Sons

Many homeowners choose to undertake plumbing related projects around the home as a way to save money. While it is always strongly recommended that a professional be called in for any serious type of plumbing related problems, doing a plumbing project can be rewarding if it is done correctly and done safely. One of the most basic and essential elements of staying safe when doing any plumbing related project is to never work while impaired.

Never Ignore Standard Safety Codes

Any time an individual is tired, distracted or impaired by alcohol, drugs or other substances, they should refrain from doing any type of work around the home. This is especially true with regard to operating power tools. An individual that is operating power tools when performing a plumbing project around the home should be fully alert, aware and focused. Equally important is to never ignore standard safety codes. Plumbing codes are in place as a way to protect the public and should never be overlooked.

Turn Off The Gas As Soon As Possible

In addition, carrying tools in one’s pocket is a sure way to become injured. Using a tool belt or a rolling toolbox is far better than placing sharp or dangerous pointed objects in a pant pocket. As an added note, anytime a homeowner smells propane or natural gas when working on plumbing they should stop immediately and exit the area. If the main shutoff valve to the gases is accessible it is recommended that homeowners turn off the gas as soon as possible. Along with turning off the gas at its source it is also recommended that homeowners contact the gas company.

Always Incorporate The Assistance Of A Helper

Finally, when doing any type of plumbing project around the home it is essential to use tools and equipment in the right way. In other words, only use tools for their intended purposes. The misuse of tools can easily cause damage and injury. This combined with making sure the tools are properly maintained and cared for can serve to greatly reduce accidents, injuries or damage. Another key strategy for improving safety while conducting a plumbing project around the home is to always incorporate the assistance of a helper. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix plumbing services that are affordable, reliable and dependable.

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