Tips for Preventing Clogs - Parker & Sons

What is better than having plumber come out to your home and having them quickly and cheaply fix your clogged sink or toilet? Why, never having to call the plumber in the first place, that’s what! If your toilets, drains, and sinks never get clogged, you will never have need for a plumber. What you really need are some tips for preventing clogs from ever happening in the first place.

Watch What you Dump

How do clogs form? Typically clogs form when solid materials groups together, and become sticky and immovable in your pipes. The best way to keep clogs from forming, is to watch what you send down the sink. Kitchen sinks are some of the busiest in the home. They also have to handle the largest amount of debris. Avoid sending grease or coffee grounds down the drain. They are both notorious causes of clogs. In your bathroom, try to keep excessive amounts of hair and soap scum from making its way down the drain. Together they can form a disgusting, impenetrable, gooey ball, which will be sure to clog your pipes.

Run with the Right Crowd

After you have abused your poor kitchen sink by sending half of your dinner down through the garbage disposal, you should turn on the hot water and let it run for a few moments. Warm, running water will keep all the oil and debris from dinner moving through the pipes, and out of your plumbing system. A few seconds of running water could save you hours of clog busting down the line.



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