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As the cost of energy only continues to increase across the country it is more important than ever before to take all of the steps necessary to reduce energy usage. Perhaps one of the most obvious solutions for dealing with high energy usage in a residential setting is to consider replacing an older inefficient heating and cooling system with a modern state-of-the-art Energy Star HVAC system. This is a strategy that will ultimately pay for itself in the long run.

A System That Is Properly Maintained At Regular Intervals

Equally important is to consider having regular preventive maintenance and tune-ups perform on an existing HVAC system as a way to ensure optimal performance and efficiency at all times. A system that is properly maintained at regular intervals will simply operate better and save energy. Equally important is to consider all areas of the home where air leakage may be occurring. Even something as simple as a lack of adequate insulation in the walls and ceiling of a home can contribute to added energy usage.

Having Ducts Inspected And Having Ducting Leaks Repaired

Fixing all areas of the home where leaks and drafts may be present can improve energy efficiency when it comes to operating an HVAC system. Having ducts inspected and having ducting leaks repaired can also contribute to better energy efficiency. In addition, having insulation added to the attic and other areas of the home is an inexpensive way of substantially improving energy efficiency in a residential setting. Most HVAC professionals offer energy efficiency inspections that can help homeowners quickly determine where energy is being lost.

This Helps To Address Issues In The Earliest Stages

Finally, a system that is not operating at peak performance may run for extended periods of time. This can cause excessive energy usage and can result in degraded operation over the long term. Having a programmable automatic thermostat installed can often remedy this type of problem. Extended running time is a serious concern for those wishing to save money on energy at home. As an added note, it is always recommended to have regular scheduled maintenance performed on a heating and cooling system. This helps to address any issues in the earliest stages as a way to ultimately save money over the long term. Contact Parker & Sons today for Phoenix HVAC system repair and installation.

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