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Few other things in life compare to having a comfortable air-conditioned home during the hottest times of the summer. With that said, there are some simple and useful tips that can ensure improved lifespan for an air-conditioning system. Having regular routine maintenance inspections at least once per year is highly recommended in this regard. In addition, having the outdoor condenser coils cleaned regularly can improve performance and ensure normal operation.

Filters Changed At Least Four Times Each Year

Equally important is to routinely check the blower and motor as well as the return and supply lines and the systems refrigerant levels. A licensed contractor or professional HVAC technician should be hired to do routine maintenance inspections. Equally important is to have unit filters changed at least four times each year. A dirty air conditioning filter can greatly restrict the flow of air causing a system to work excessively hard. This can result in increased energy costs and also the possibility of the system malfunctioning or breaking down.

Additional Wear And Tear On Air-Conditioning System

One important way of maintaining an air-conditioning system at peak performance is to avoid making constant temperature changes in the system. This type of activity creates situations where the system must work harder to adjust the temperature. This can only cause additional wear and tear on an air-conditioning system and ultimately cause it to fail down the road. Keeping an air-conditioning system operating in the best way possible simply means making small temperature setting changes and attempting to keep the temperature as constant as possible.

Contact An HVAC Technician As Soon As Possible

Finally, making certain that a home is well insulated and that the air-conditioning system is the right size for the home that is being cooled or heated is important. As an added note, having ducts cleaned on a regular basis and making note of any strange noises or leaks that occur in the air-conditioning system is important. Anytime a homeowner detects something that is abnormal with regard to an HVAC system it is essential to contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible. Today’s modern air-conditioning and heating systems are designed to work without interruption for many years. Keeping these systems operating at their best simply means following a few basic tips, tricks and strategies. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix HVAC maintenance and repair services.

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