Tips for Staying Warm and Saving Money this Winter Season (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

This month on the Parker & Sons blog we are planning on spending a lot of time talking about the topic if staying warm this winter while still managing to save money on your monthly energy bill. In our last post we talked about the simple yet effective technique of reversing your ceiling fans to push warm air back down into the rooms in which they spin. And that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of delightfully warm, and warmingly ingenious ideas we have to share to help you stay warm WHILE saving money this winter.

2. Bundle Up

This one should be pretty obviously, but we would be remised if we didn’t at least bring it up! If you are feeling chilly while hanging out inside your home (or outside of it) throw on a few extra layers of clothing and bundle up! It is easier to regulate temperature on a small scale (your body) than on a large scale (your entire home). Plus, this technique is 100% free, so that is a huge positive! Don’t forget to put on a warm hat as your body heat is sure to try to escape out your noggin if you are bundled up everywhere else!

3. Add Additional Insulation

When it does come time to turn on the heater, you should also consider adding additional insulation to poorly insulated areas of your home. When it’s cold outside but warm inside, the warm air inside your home is going to do everything it can to escape outside. And if it does get outside, your heater is going to kick back on and start burning cash again. The only thing preventing it from doing just that is insulation. The better insulated your home is, the more effective it will be at retaining warmth! There is an upfront cost to installing new insulation, but that cost is offset by your savings over time.

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