Tips for Staying Warm and Saving Money this Winter Season (Part Three) - Parker & Sons

We are back with our third blog in a series delivering you tips and tricks for staying warm this winter season WHILE saving big on your monthly energy bill. Part three! That’s right. Who knew that talking about staying warm in Arizona would end up being such a lengthy topic?! Maybe it is just because us Arizonans have a… slightly lower tolerance for cold weather than people from other states, but for us, staying warm is an important topic! And temperatures below 60-degrees are absolutely unacceptable. Without further ado, let’s finish up our series on staying warm while saving dollar bills.

4. Curtain Call

We assume you have gorgeous curtains. Obviously you wouldn’t settle for anything but the most stylish. However, did you know your curtains are good for much more than making your home look sharp?! Yup. Open your curtains during the day to let the warmth of the sun into your house. Then, when night falls, it’s time for curtain call. That means closing your curtains are night to help your home retain all the heat it soaked up during the day.

5. Purchase Draft Stoppers/Caulk Windows

A draft is a slow leak of air escaping your home. Typically, drafts will occur around your windows and doors. Stopping these drafts will dramatically improve your home’s overall insulation. For windows, the easiest ways to stop drafts is by using caulking. To find out if your window is drafty, turn off the air conditioning and the ceiling fan, then light a candle next to the window. Looks closely to see if the smoke drifts more dramatically than it should.

To stop drafts around doors, we recommend buying a simply draft stopper. They are relatively inexpensive and will improve your home’s insulation immediately.

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