Tips for Conserving Energy in the Summer Months - Parker & Sons

Fortunately, we inhabitants of the desert manage to evade the freezing temperatures of the polar vortex in the East and Midwest. However, winter months can become chilly, and turning on the heat is almost a necessity. We at Parker and Sons have a few easy tips for energy conservation associated with heating that we’d like to share.

Covering all Bare Floors

Carpeting is no doubt beneficial to the insulation of your home. Covering all bare areas with carpet will drastically reduce your energy bill during the winter months. Keeping your thermostat at a reasonable 70 degrees is the recommended temperature for optimal energy savings. Moreover, much like when driving, rapid acceleration tends to deplete gas quicker, rapid temperature fluctuations in your home will waste energy. It is best to gradually increase the temperature until the proper temperature is reached.

Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

Installing an energy efficient heat pump is the surest way to save money and conserve energy used for heating. Rebates are offered on almost all energy efficient heat pumps, and the IRS offers significant tax credits for individuals committed to energy conservation. This coupled with the monthly savings from reduced energy use, is sure to satisfy savings. Moreover, we find that people tend to feel a little better about themselves, knowing they are committed to making a difference.

Miscellaneous Heat Saving Tactics

Although this sounds obvious, reducing the temperature of your home while on vacation is a simple, easy, way to save. We recommend turning that thermostat to 60 degrees while on vacation. Another simple step is to make sure that all drapes, furniture, or any other obstruction is away from your home’s air vents.

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