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You know how it goes, when you walk into a home improvement store you can be instantly overwhelmed with the amount of choices now available to you regarding how to further customize your home. Sinks are no exception to this rule. In fact, there are thousands of options when it comes to installing or upgrading your sink. With plumbing constantly improving through the years many types of fixtures and styles for faucets have been added to the market. So how do you know which is best for you? Let’s lean about the different types of faucets on the market.


The oldest type of faucet works with the method of compression. These faucets will have two handles, one for hot water, and the other for cold. Depending which side you turn on, a valve will be released to let water flow through each side independently, or simultaneously if a combination of hot and cold water is needed. The compression takes place when these valves press against rubber washers in the faucet’s composition, constantly controlling what amount of water flows through and keeping a turned off sink sealed tight.


These faucets are known for having only one handle that you can turn left or right for desired water temperature. It is the ball design at the base of the spout that allows for this unique capability of motion. When the handle is turned, the ball has chambers that water flow in and out of, mixing an amount of hot and cold water as it pours out into the sink. However it should be noted that this style of faucet is guilty of frequently leaking.

These are faucet designs you will run into most often and can be found and utilized in both kitchen and bathroom settings.

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