Three Easy Steps to Fixing a Backed Up Toilet | Parker & Sons

It’s never a pleasant feeling when the water in your toilet bowl starts rising to the top and threatening to spill over. Your first instinct is to run as far away from the germs as possible and hope that the problem will just fix itself. Well it won’t, so suck it up, be brave, and follow these three steps to get your toilet back to normal:

Step one – remove the lid from the top of the tank and flip the rubber stopper into place to prevent the water from flowing into your toilet and causing an overflow.

Step two – plunge your toilet. First make sure that your plunger cap is sitting snugly over the opening of the drain, then give it a few good pumps. The purpose of plunging your toilet is to force the blockage past the trap (“U” shaped section of your toilet) and into the drainpipe. You know that plunging was successful when the blockage flows away along with the excess water.

Step three – if steps one and two don’t stop the river of water then that means that the problem may lie elsewhere in the drainage system and it’s time to call Parker and Sons.

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