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Bathroom luxury doesn’t have to be just for the rich and famous. Have you ever been standing in your shower, looking around your small bathroom, and wished you had something more? Well, short of winning the lottery, most people are never going to have daily access to multi-million dollar restroom facilities. Lucky for them, some people don’t mind sharing!The world if full of some impressive and luxuries public restrooms. These palatial potties are open to all, so feel free to come on by!

The Water Closets of Berlin

Alexanderplatz, Berlin, is home to some of the most impressive and elegant public bathrooms in the world. In 2007, Germany decided to renovate the bathrooms in its famous Alexanderplatz Square, and no expense was spared. These individual stalls are crafted out of glass, stainless steel, and polished black-and-white stone. Beautiful 360 degree cityscape photographs span the interior of these circular restrooms. When it comes to class and style, the Germans seem to know what they are doing.

A Yearly Visitor

Americans have always enjoyed doing things a little differently. While the rest of the world concerns itself with installing expensive, permanent, luxury bathroom facilities, America is revolutionizing portable restrooms. Every year Charmin brings these custom designed porta-potties to Time Square, New York, as a convenience to holiday crowds. These units receive detailed, individual cleaning after each use, and are fully stocked with the highest quality Charmin toilet paper. Visitors to the Charmin Restrooms are free to access the complimentary laptop and cellphone charging stations attached to each unit.

A Dizzying Journey

For adrenaline junkies in need of relieving themselves, there is the Sky Arena Observatory, in Shanghai, China. These toilets, installed on the 94th floor, hold the record for the highest restrooms in the world. Visitors will enjoy a captivating view, while doing their business in stainless steel luxury bidets.

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