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Business owners and those who operate offices across the country know the importance of having good commercial indoor air quality. In fact, good indoor air quality in a commercial environment can have a big impact on the productivity of employees as well as the overall satisfaction of customers and clients. There are many health issues associated with poor commercial indoor air quality that should be considered.

Lung Disorders And Fatigue

For example, irritations of the throat, nose and eyes as well as headaches and dry itchy skin can all be attributed to poor commercial indoor air quality. Other common complaints associated with poor indoor air quality in a commercial setting include more serious concern such as heart disease, lung disorders and fatigue as well as dry cough. Even decreased levels of concentration can often be attributed to the quality of the air in a commercial environment. This can have a direct and serious impact on productivity resulting in less revenue generation.

Chemical Contaminants And Toxic Materials

There are many factors that can have a direct impact on commercial indoor air quality. This includes everything from the existence of standing water to the temperature within a building as well as the humidity. Ventilation and airflow play a big role in keeping indoor-air quality levels at the best level possible. Manufacturing plants and industrial plants should be acutely aware of indoor air quality especially when chemical contaminants and toxic materials are being used indoors. From carbon monoxide to pesticides and other volatile chemicals as well as plumbing related fumes, there are many considerations with regard to commercial indoor air quality.

No Longer Present In Even The Oldest Of Buildings

Even issues related to building materials such as formaldehyde, lead and asbestos must be taken into account with regard to overall indoor air quality conditions. Asbestos is of particular concern and has by and large been eliminated in most buildings today. Lead is equally of concern and has also been by and large eliminated in all paints in most older type buildings. Having an inspection performed by a professional contractor is often the best way to ensure that these types of contaminants are no longer present in even the oldest of buildings. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about commercial indoor air quality considerations in Phoenix Arizona.

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