The Many Virtues of Good Indoor Air Quality - Parker & Sons

Homes and AC units are prone to irritants such as pet dander, dust mites, mold, and chemical pollutants evaporated from cleaning supplies. Indeed bad indoor air quality (IAQ) can cause skin irritation, depression, dry skin, or illness to the lungs. Every homeowner should make efforts to improve their IAQ. Below are a few helpful tips to get your started.

Δ Air Filter

Changing your air filter regularly is one of the most important steps you can take for ensuring the quality of your air. Irritants, such as mildew, mold, and pet dander, tend to accumulate in air filters, even though air filters are designed to destroy said irritants. Basically, your air filter cannot capture everything, so it behooves you to change it and clean it often lest it fail to function at optimal efficiency. Indeed, air filter maintenance will destroy pollen, dust mites, and whatever else may assail your IAQ.

Maintaining AC Fans

A fan is like a sticky spider web, trapping allergens in its insidious snare. Dust, grime, and dander are stymied by AC fans. But much like the air filter, the virtue of the components function leads to its deficiency. But AC maintenance is easy. A wipe down with a duster will prevent your HVAC fan from accumulating a vast amount of dust and grime.

Cleaning the Coil 

Maintaining the coil on your AC unit will also improve the IAQ of your home. This coil is privy to mold growth due to its function. But, cleaning the coil with bleach cut heavily with water will no doubt destroy the mold. If you feel uncomfortable keeping your coil, then no worries, give Parker and Sons a call and we will take care of your AC needs.

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