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A man without a toilet plunger is not a man and the surest route to a woman’s heart is unclogging her toilet (at least that’s what we tell our new hires). But every once in a while a brave man will set off with good intentions and hopes of unclogging the toilet only to meet despair. In such an event a drain snakes can be a savior. It takes care of what the plunger will not. Here are the essentials.

How Drain Snakes Function

A drain snake is not an organic being from the reptilian genus. No, instead it is a plumber’s apparatus that dives into the depths of the toilet and fragments the debris clogging the drain. No toilet clog is safe in the presence of a drain snake. They are available to consumers at your local hardware store and every good plumber has one handy at all times. But not all drain snakes are created equal. Nay. There are electric drain snakes, long drain snakes, and industrial drain snakes which are only available to licensed professional plumbers.

More on Drain Snakes

Grandpa Parker once mentioned that “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.” So it is the same with drain snakes. Sure, there are one hundred foot snakes with savage capabilities and unlimited reach. But the best snakes are economic, advanced, and highly reliable. That is why most prefer the “Top Snake.” This apparatus is a mere twenty five feet in length but it kills clogs better than the rest of them. These can be used to unclog your sink, tub, shower, or any other plumbing orifice.

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