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The Joys and Problems of Owning a Jacuzzi

One thing is for sure, he joys of owning a Jacuzzi tub are rather extensive. Not much beats ending a long, hard day at work by settling down in to the warm, relaxing, massaging waters of a Jacuzzi. The tension will melt out of your over worked muscles and your mind will drift away to a better place. You may even enjoy a glass of wine while you are soaking! This is of course, if your Jacuzzi is functioning properly. Otherwise, it is just going to a source of more problems and more stress.

Possible Problems with a Broken Jacuzzi

Because all of the working parts of a Jacuzzi are contained inside the unit, it can be difficult to know what exactly is going wrong if the tub stops functioning. Jacuzzi pumps are self-priming, which is great, unless that feature stops working. There could be a number of potential problems. There could be an issue with the air lock making it unable to produce proper suction. The pump may just need time to get started. Do not run it continuously however, because if water is not moving through the pump it could overheat causing an even bigger problem.

Occasionally, owners will report a strange black residue being expelled from their Jacuzzi. This is probably a bacteria growth and means your Jacuzzi needs to be cleaned. Add half a gallon of household cleaner to the tub and run it for at least 15 minutes. Let the water sit for an additional ten. Drain the water then refill the rub. You will need to run it again to thoroughly remove the cleaner. Repeat this process 2-3 times. This should clean the inside of the Jacuzzi unit. Make sure you completely rinse the cleaner from the unit before you reuse it.

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