The Ins and Outs of Hiring an Electrician: Part Two ‘The Job.' - Parker & Sons

Previously, we went over the interview stage of finding an electrician to suit your needs. It is a topic we’ve gone over in broader terms elsewhere when it comes to contractors, but these two entries are more focused on that most electrifying of professions. So now, with your questions answered satisfactorily, what other steps are there to fuss over?

Understand the value of the hourly rate. If you went with an electrician who quoted you a much lower rate than the others, make sure that value isn’t being lost elsewhere such as inexperience, lack of tools or preparedness. If you’re paying $40/hour for an electrician,but they show up without the proper tools and have to go back and forth for parts, you may find the headache not to be worth the savings. This tip is really a suggestion to have realistic expectations for the contractor and yourself.

When necessary, have multiple jobs ready at once. Things like switch problems, or janky outlets. Smaller, important (but not necessarily life threatening) jobs that can be grouped into larger projects. If you find the lights going out in a room that you don’t frequently use, jot a note and tack it onto another later, larger job for an electrician to tackle all at once.This will save you money when you’re not doubling down on travel costs, or flat fees for labor.

Another tip that really relies on you more than the electrician is to be prepared for the service before the electrician shows up. Simple things like cleaning up the space around where they’ll be working and the electrical panel box, making it easy to access or having a written list of tasks for them to handle. It’ll be a lot easier and less costly if you’re not spending the hourly wage on them waiting for you to get ready.

Those are just a couple more tips to make sure you’re hiring the right electrician for you, and that you’re the best client they can ask for. With both parties working together to make sure the job gets done successfully and quickly both will be pleased and satisfied.

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