The Infamous Arizona Summer Approaches - Parker & Sons

And thus our technicians gear up for battle, once more in to the breach my good friends, once more into the deadly eminent breach. The summer months of Arizona are scorching hot, unbearably dry, and longer than the axis of time itself. Arizona summers have been compared to the lower rings of Dante’s Inferno. You do not want to be without AC. Thankfully, we at Parker and Sons provide quality HVAC maintenance, in a timely fashion, accompanied by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Although we are your guardian angels in the summer months, there are a few helpful tips to overcome the infernal waste land that is an Arizona summer.

Fanning away your Worries 

First off, fan expertise is a must. Keep in mind that fans cool people down, not entire rooms. Fans essentially create a wind chill effect within the environment of your home.  Imagine coming in from the scorching heat, reposing upon your couch, and receiving the cool gracious breeze of your fan. For a moment, you won’t be in Arizona. You will transported elsewhere, like Portland or Seattle.

Avoid Heavy Appliances and Lighting

If you think it’s a good idea to bake a turkey in the summer, then think again. Adding additional heat to your home will put an excessive amount of stress on your AC. It’s best to avoid the use of the oven, or even the stove during those hot summer days. LED lights are also well suited for your purposes. Only about 10% to 15% of electricity that your incandescent light bulbs consume irradiate light, the rest is emitted as heat.

Seal the Cracks

A little caulk goes a long way in the desert. Make sure vulnerable windows are sealed up before the great heat wave hits the valley. Also, weathers stripping your front and back door is a prudent preventative measure to defend against the piercing summer elements.

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