The Importance of Proper Care for Your Air Conditioner and Refrigerator | Parker & Sons

air conditioning in GlendaleAir conditioners and refrigerators can often get overlooked. For Glendale, and all Arizona residents, it’s critical to take proper care of these appliances throughout warmer months. There is no doubt that ensuring proper function of your air conditioner and refrigerator is important to the life of these appliances, especially as these two appliances are often overworked during summer. Without proper care then you are putting your appliances at risk, in which replacing those can become costly. Residents of Glendale are used to temperates that go as high as 109 degrees Fahrenheit, yet our appliances begin to overwork to keep you and our food at a comfortable temperature. Like other complex technical appliances, air conditioners require proper maintenance and repair services. In Glendale, the warmest month is August. That being said, now is to ensure your proper care, maintenance and repairs. Living summers without air conditioning in Glendale is next to impossible. It is equally important to consider the health of your refrigerator so food stays cool and doesn’t spoil. Call Parker & Sons and receive professional support for your air conditioning and refrigerator needs. Consider checking these points first prior to calling us:

  • Check the vents if there any dust and dirt build-up there
  • See if the AC is blowing hot air or less air then it typically blows
  • Look for any signs of mold, dust or burned (or any odd odors) coming from your AC unit

If any of these symptoms are prevalent then immediately call Parker & Sons. These systems usually have the aforementioned when there is dust clogging. Such problems will destroy the functioning of the system and endanger the health of your family members. The dust accumulation causes formation of mold that can be problematic to the respiratory system.  If any family members of your family suffer from allergies, asthma, or are either elderly or an infant, then quickly make a phone to Parker & Sons to keep your AC unit and refrigerator clean of dirt, dust and mold.

Consider having these appliances checked, or serviced, by professionals to ensure the operational functionality and safety of your family members.

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