The Importance of a Spring Tune-Up - Parker & Sons

While some cities enjoy pleasant changes in weather, meandering gently from season to season, flowing gradually from fall to winter to spring to summer and back to fall again, Phoenix faces quite the opposite experience. Phoenix sprints and recovers. It darts from summer directly to winter, then stays there for a few months. Next, it darts briefly to spring, where it enjoys a brief pit stop, before stumbling and tumbling into summer, where it remains for… too long. Let’s get moving bud. Phoneticians understand this pattern. They also understand that there are things you have to do to survive these brutal weather conditions. One such survival necessity is a yearly A/C tune-up.

The Benefits of a Tune-Up

Okay, so apparently tune-ups are necessary, but what are they really doing for me? Primarily, you get an A/C tune as a preventative measure. Over time as an A/C unit ages, it will start developing problems. Maybe you have a small refrigerant leak or your filters are dirty, or your compressor has a minor malfunction, all of these are issues that are low cost and easy to fix when they are found and identified. The real problems occur when you don’t catch minor issues in time. Eventually, they will become major issues. Put off a tune-up for too long and you could end up facing a breakdown on one of the hottest days of the summer. Now you are on the ropes; you need repairs fast. You could end up paying an arm and a leg.

By scheduling a spring tune-up, you are getting ahead of the game. You are placing yourself in front of problems and giving yourself options. If you do discover a major problem with you’re A/C unit, you have the flexibility to fix it on your own timeline which will save you a massive headache and who knows how much money.

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