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The easiest way to a woman’s heart is to unclog her toilet. At least that’s what we tell our new hires during training. No doubt, a man can be a hero when he fearlessly comes forth with a toilet plunger, drives it downward into a clogged toiled, and raises his arms victorious as the toilet swirls once again. Below are a few essential tips for unclogging a toilet that no one should overlook.

A Man without a Plunger Is Not a Man

In war, an army must always have a first line of defense. So it is the same for homeowners who purport to take any care of their toilet. Much like the army needs a solid, reliable infantry, so it is the same with plumbing. Everyone needs a good old faithful toilet plunger to take on a dirty job when the moment approaches. You don’t want to be in a position where you find yourself scrambling for a plunger in the heat of the moment. Make sure it is in an easy to reach place, visible to all in the bathroom. For an additional tip, make sure you take the lid of the toilet, and push the flapper down to stop extra water from entering the bowl.

A Snake Is Great

A plumbing snake is not to be confused with its reptilian counterpart. Essentially, a plumbing snake is like a giant squeegee that slithers to the foul depths of your toilet, only to loosen the debris prohibiting the proper flow of your toilet.

Call the Professionals

When you fail to fulfill your duty, then you must admit defeat and call a plumber. Parker and Sons has been servicing the valley for over forty years, and we are eager to assist you with your plumbing needs.

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