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In both a residential and commercial setting, maintain the highest levels of indoor air quality is necessary to ensure that good health is maintained at all times. Poor indoor air quality is known to cause a wide variety of serious health-related concerns in those young and old alike. Poor indoor air quality is of specific concern with regard to those that already have respiratory illnesses.

Sensitivity To Odors And Even A Dry Cough

From dizziness to nausea and a difficulty in concentrating, there are many byproducts of poor indoor air quality that must be considered. In addition, fatigue, and sensitivity to odors and even a dry cough can often be attributed to unacceptable levels of indoor air quality. In extreme cases, the risk of heart disease and cancer have been shown through research to be more likely when air quality is below acceptable levels in an indoor environment. Perhaps most obvious of all when it comes to symptoms experienced because of poor indoor air quality is that of irritation to the nose, eyes and throat.

Consistently Deliver Adequate Amounts Of Fresh Filtered Air

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to maintain acceptable levels of good indoor air quality in both the commercial and residential environment is to have a properly functioning HVAC system. When an HVAC system is operating the way that it is intended it will serve to keep air moving and reduce the levels of particulates and allergens in the air. A well-maintained system will consistently deliver adequate amounts of fresh filtered air throughout a residential or commercial building. Having regular annual inspections of a commercial or residential heating and cooling system is essential to this end.

Greatly Enhance The Quality Of Air That Is Inhaled By Occupants

Another important aspect of maintaining residential or commercial air at acceptable levels is to have duct cleaning performed at regularly scheduled times. Whether it is annually or bi-annually or on some other type of schedule, having ducts cleaned can greatly enhance the quality of air that is inhaled by occupants of a building or structure. In addition, the use of air purifiers and cleaners can work in unison with an HVAC system to eliminate viruses, mold, smoke and allergens from the air. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about duct cleaning in Phoenix Arizona.

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