Essential Tools for an Electrician (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Welcome to part two of our series of blogs detail some of the essential tools of the trade for electrical work. Electrical work is both complicated and dangerous, making it important to have the right tools for the job. If an electrician is equipped with each of the tools listed, they should be ready for most basic jobs! However, it is important to note, specialty work required specialty tools. Creating a plan of action before any job is the best way tomake sure you haveall of the tools you need. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Wire Testers: Wire testers are essential for diagnosing the status of any electrical system. You cannot tell whether something has an electrical charge simply by looking at it. Wire testers are designed to reveal the truth. They can detect if something is charged or not charged (on/off) and measure the strength of the electricity.

Wire Cutters/Strippers: Wire cutters and strippers are actually two separate tools, but they are both essential for almost any electrical work. Wire cutters are used to fully sever a wire while strippers are used to remove the protective rubber coating around wires without damaging the wire itself. These tools give electricians full access to wires enabling them to create new connections. At Parker & Sons, we like to equip our electricians with elegant, ergonomically designed wire cutters and strippers to give them the best performance.

Screwdrivers: When building new electrical system or working on an existing one, it is important to stay organized. Electricians need to know where every wire is coming from, where it is going, and what it is connected too. This means they can’t have wires hanging around recklessly. To keep things organized, they use a range of fasteners and clips which typically need to be mounted using a screwdriver.


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