Essential Tools for an Electrician (Part One) - Parker & Sons

Simply put, electoral work cannot be done without the proper tools. An electrician can be the most knowledgeable or skilled individual on the planet, but if he does not have the proper tools, even the simplest of tasks is impossible. That being said, the difference between essential tools, and luxury tools is quite large. Some tools can make a job easier while other tools are absolute necessities. In today’s blog, we are starting a two-part series on essential electrical tools. Professionals and DIY electricians alike should make sure they have each of these essential tools on hand before they begin any job.

  1. Flashlight

This one may come as a bit of a surprise, in part because it is not a tool strictly designed for electrical work. So you might wonder, why is a flashlight an essential tool? An electrician must have proper lighting for any job. Otherwise they could make a dangerous mistake. Electrical work is often done in locations with poor natural lighting. Often an electrician will have to cut power to the location in which they are working thus turning off any electrical lights. For these reasons, a flashlight is an essential tool for an electrician.

  1. Protective Gear

As with any home maintenance or construction project, safety should be the number one concern. Electrical work is by nature dangerous, which makes the proper protective gear even more essential. Every electrician should start by acquired a pair of gloves which can protect against cuts and scrapes without sacrificing flexibility. Some form of rubber insulation is also required, be it gloves or boots. Additional pieces of protective gear include hardhats for the protecting of the head and protective eyewear.


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