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An HVAC system can provide years of dependable service without interruption. However, there are times when HVAC systems do malfunction or perform below peak operating conditions. When this happens it is often best to simply contact an HVAC contractor as a way to have a system inspected or checked. Scheduling preventative maintenance and checkups is often the best way of avoiding an unexpected breakdown.

Routinely Check The Batteries

Another key concern when it comes to maintaining the safety of an HVAC system is to simply have carbon monoxide detectors installed. This is especially true with regard to a natural gas furnace system. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, tasteless and odorless gas that can wreak havoc on the occupants of a home. Play it safe and always have carbon monoxide detectors installed or install them on your own. Equally important is to routinely check the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors throughout a home on a regular basis. This should be done at a very minimum of at least once each year.

Changing Filters At Least Twice A Year Or Even Four Times A Year

Equally important is to ensure that the air filter in an HVAC system is replaced at regular intervals. Depending on the amount of usage that the system experiences, changing filters at least twice a year or even four times a year on systems that are used frequently can make all the difference in overall levels of performance and long-term reliability. In fact, systems that are in poor disrepair or where filters are never changed can ultimately fail and break down over time.

System Operates The Way That It Should And Without Interruption

Finally, one important safety strategy that should never be overlooked is to always making certain that air ducts are maintained in a clean and healthy condition. Having air ducts cleaned on a yearly basis is important to ensuring that bacteria, mold, mildew and dust do not collect and build up in the system. Not only can this create unhealthy indoor air but it can also cause a system to fail in malfunction over time. Follow the simple and sensible safety tips to ensure that an HVAC system operates the way that it should without interruption. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix HVAC system repair, maintenance, installation and servicing.

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