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There are so many ways to promote good indoor air quality in your home like, boiling water on the stove, burning incense or maybe just opening the window. But all these methods are merely a Band-Aid for a bigger wound. Indeed every good home circulates clean healthy air with enough moisture to ward off dry skin and to split with split ends, well my friend, a humidifier is the only answer.

Why Humidify?

Although most agree that an arid climate is optimal for development and beneficial to health, it is not ideal in the home. It has been shown that homes with dry air quality tend to cause dry skin, cracked skin, cracked lips, or split ends for their residents. A humidifier saturates the air and brings moisture to your hair and skin. And thus, with a humidifier women will have fewer bad hair days and men will not have to carry Chap Stick everywhere.  After all, you feel how you look and no one wants to look like a homeless person with dandruff.

Allergies and Cold Symptoms

Due to a lack of moisture in the air your body will respond by producing excess mucus in the sinuses which eventually leads to congestion. This mucus then drips down your esophagus and causes a sore throat. But with the use of a humidifier this could be prevented. Doctors encourage patients who struggle with these cold and flu like symptoms to purchase a humidifier as soon as possible.

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