The Benefit of a Properly Insulated Home | Parker & Sons

Arizona summer-time heat can be brutal, no question about that. The Air conditioning is often running full-blast all day long and home owners start to wonder about that extra expense one of the necessary evils of living in the desert. Your air conditioning expense doesn’t necessarily have to be as large as what you’re currently paying to keep your home cool. Properly insulating your home can cut the costs of air conditioning in the summer months and, additionally, it can also help lower your heating bill in the winter.

Good insulation keeps the cold air (or heat) circulating inside your home more effectively, thereby reducing the need for raising the thermostat. Some homes are better insulated than others and some homeowners find less of a need to keep the central heat or air conditioning running during the day saving them money in the long run.

Having a well-insulated home far outweigh the costs of having the air conditioning running all day in a poor insulated home. There are many insulation companies in the Phoenix and surrounding areas, like Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa that specialize in heating, air-conditioning and the various types of insulation jobs. Ask our air conditioning experts if they think adding additional insulation is the right move for you to help keep your air conditioning and heating bills down. We can also assist you in estimating how much it may be possible to save by having insulation installed throughout your home. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that, with proper insulation, you could potentially cut your heating and air-conditioning bills in half!

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