The Arizona Inferno - Parker & Sons

Citizens of Arizona know that the valley is a paradise for about eight months of the year. But as beautiful as those few months are, they’re equally reciprocated by the cruel scolding sting of summer. Temperatures approaching 1200F are not uncommon. What’s more the sun is granted free rein to shine with almost no cloud cover. At times one feels they have entered Dante’s Inferno with little hope of escape. But of course, AC provides a respite from the scorching sun, and a safe haven for the citizens of Arizona. To go without AC would be suicide. Here a few additional tips to make it through the scalding summer.

Avoid Hot Appliances

Cooking is a great way to save money, and some people even claim they like it. But it is not a smart move for sailing through the Arizona summer months. Also, you want to avoid running florescent lights during the day, for they will add to the heat of your home and increase your energy bills. What’s more, you want to reduce stress on your AC in order to keep it running smooth and steady through the summer.

Fan Away

A fan is a must. Although it will not cool your home, it will help keep you cool in the summer. It essentially adds a wind chill factor to your home. What’s more, after a long day of sweat and toil, the fan will cool your down and keep you satisfied after a long day of work.

 Keep and HVAC Expert on Speed Dial

In the unfortunate event that your AC goes out, you want to have an air-conditioning expert on call. Parker and Sons is eagerly awaiting to handle your Air-conditioning needs. Our qualified staff of technicians are quick to respond, and uphold themselves to the utmost level of professionalism.

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