Symptoms of Main Line Clog - Parker & Sons

If you’ve ever witnessed a main clog, then you understand the phrase, “we’re in it deep.” It is by far the nastiest, most putrid obstacles a plumber will face on his daily journeys. A reasonable homeowner would choose an infestation of possums with rabies over a main line clog. Raw sewage can back up, and flow into your home. People have even been dosed in sewage while taking a shower due to main line backups. But of course, early detection can deter this scenario from occurring, and save you thousands on psychiatry bills after being traumatized from being covering in raw sewage.

How does it Smell?

Grade school math teachers teach the maxim “how does it smell” when dealing with large calculations. If you divide 324 by 6, and come out without 211, you can tell your math stinks and you need to recalculate the equation—actual answers is 59 for those curious. A main log clog will cause your faucets and drains to smell. It’s pretty hard to miss because it is in fact, sewage.

Backups and Overflows

A clog of the sewage main line prevents water from escaping your home. It has nowhere to go. So if you notice water backing up in your shower, bathtub drain, or toilet, you may be in the midst of a mainline clog. One way to preemptively check the flow of your main line is to run the faucet or shower for a minute and observe the toilet. Did the water level rise? If so, it is highly probably that you have a mainline clog. In the event that you are unfortunate enough to have you pipes backed up, call a qualified, licensed professional, like the ones employed at Parker and Sons.

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