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Plumbing can be a nasty business especially when it comes to Sceptic tanks which are basically a giant counterpart of 16th century chamber pots in England. According to the EPA, over a quarter of homeowners manage their waste with sceptic tanks.  Usually these waste management systems are used for obscure isolated properties where underground plumbing is not available. Indeed sceptic tanks will go anywhere.

Sceptic 101

Sceptic tanks are facilitated by using a drain pipe to take water and waste away from the home. But instead of rerouting the waste to the sewer the sewage is discharged into an underground tank on the property. Once said waste reaches the underground tank, the solid waste will fall to the bottom while the water will be discharged into a drain field where it then percolates into the ground. The water will then seep into the soil serving as a natural filter before said water reaches the groundwater reserve tank below.


This is the major pitfall of Sceptic tanks. They require regular maintenance that does not come cheaply due to the disgusting nature of the job. In order to avoid frequent visits from sceptic maintenance crews it’s important to refrain from flushing any object down the drain with the exception of human waste or toilet paper.

Check Ups

You wouldn’t go to a Dentist every ten years and you should not do the same with your sceptic tank. You will be in it deep before you know it. Make room in your budget for sceptic check-ups and you, your home, and the world at large will be happier for it.

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