Surviving the AZ Heat - Parker & Sons

Residents of Arizona are all too familiar with brutal summers. Sure, eight months out of the year are a paradise of perfect weather, but for the four months of summer the valley swelters and transforms into an episode from Dante’s Inferno. Many people can lose their cool during the summer (pun intended). But at Parker and Sons we’ve been weathering the heat for quite some time and are more than happy to share a few tips with you.

Water Water Everywhere

Hydration is key to surviving the summer. No doubt Phoenix Hospitals encounter a surge in dehydration patients. The key to avoiding this unfortunate scenario is to drink plenty of water and stay indoors when you can. If you have to go outside, which of course you do, it is advisable to remain near water. Not only will the temperature seem cooler, but immersing yourself in a pool and then reemerging serves as the body’s natural air conditioner.

Plan Your Vacation

Unless you work at a sweat shop or work on a plantation, a decent employer will allow you to take vacation time. Even if you only have a week or two, vacation time is essential and you should plan your vacation in the summer months away from Arizona. Rocky Point, San Diego, Colorado, and Park City are all ideal destinations for evading the Arizona heat.

Keep Perspective

This is the best advice anyone can give you for evading the Arizona heat. Yes, the summer is inhospitable. No, it will not remain so forever. As previously mentioned the majority of the Arizona seasons are beautiful. Remind yourself that the summer will pass. 

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