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A modern water heater is a reliable and dependable piece of equipment that works through thick and thin for years and years. However, there are some common sense strategies that can greatly improve the maintenance and operation of a typical water heater. For example, maintaining proper temperature control in a water heater is essential to ensuring good long-term operation.

The Growth Of Bacteria Can Occur

What many people do not know is that not only is it important not to set the temperature too high on a water heater but it is also important not to set the temperature too low on the water heater. This is simply due to the fact that if the temperature is too low in a water heater that the growth of bacteria can occur. This could spell trouble for homeowners over the long term. Unchecked bacteria growth in a water heater may eventually cause the system to fail or malfunction. In most instances 120°F is the best choice when it comes to setting the temperature of a water heater.

Wait A Few Hours For The Temperature In A Water Heater To Stabilize

One of the best ways to determine the current temperature where a water heater is set at is to test the water. The easiest way to do this is to simply wait a few hours for the temperature in a water heater to stabilize and then turn on a faucet near the water heater and extract a small amount of water into a glass or cup. Using a common household thermometer, a homeowner can then check the actual temperature of the water.

Contact A Professional Plumber To Have The System Inspected

Once the actual temperature of the water in the tank is noted it is then simply a matter of adjusting the water temperature as necessary. As an added note of caution, any time a water heater is leaking it is important to replace the tank immediately. Leaks historically have been known to get worse over time and can cause serious damage including extensive water damage. Anytime a homeowner is unsure of what is going on with their water heater the best strategy is to always contact a professional plumber to have the system inspected. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix water heater service, sales and maintenance.

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