Staying Safe Outside with Extension Cords - Parker & Sons

Spring has already come to Phoenix and the weather incredible out. These means that Phoenix homeowners are going to be spending more and more time outside over the coming months. Many individuals use these pristine days to do a little yard work. If this requires the use of any power tools, it will also probably mean you are going to be using extension cords. In today’s blog, we are going to be discussing a few specific safety concerns regarding outdoor extension cord use.

  1. Check Your Cords

Before you set up an extension cord outside, make sure it is rated for outdoor use. Many cordsare only rated for indoor use. These cords are not designed for the harsh outside conditions and should not be used under any circumstances. Additionally, make sure you are not exceeding the wattage allotment of the power strip if you are going to be plugging multiple power tools into it.

  1. Avoid Water

Obviously, electricity and water don’t mix. Be careful when you are setting up your extension cord outside. Don’t run it anywhere near the pool, a puddle of water, or even snow. It should be common sense, but do not operate power tools connected to an extension cord when it is raining!

  1. Stick to Low-Traffic Areas

Avoid running your extension cord through any high-traffic areas. Not only will the create a tripping hazard for anyone walking by, but it could also put you in danger as the operator of a power tool. The last thing you want is to have a power tool jerked out of your hand mid-use because someone tripped over the extension cord. You should also avoid over-extending your extension cord. Stretching them beyond their limit is an additional safety concern.

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