Spring Cleaning: Plumbing Edition (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Welcome back to the Parker & Sons blog! This month we have begun by looking at what steps you can add to your spring cleaning routine to really get everything in ship shape. Last time we started with a few plumbing tricks all designed to get your systems running smoothly. Brief recap: to check for leaks, clean and snake problem drains, clean up around the water heater, and testing the toilet. Those are hardly the only things you can handle yourself, and so we’re back with even more plumbing tips!

  • Clean Mineral Deposits
    • Bath and kitchen fixtures that run water will develop mineral deposits, it’s just the nature of the beast. While cleaning your home, take a vinegar solution to the build up on faucets, shower heads, etc. and everything will be sparkling in no time.
  • Sump Pump Check Up
    • If you have a sump pump, give it a trial run by pouring water into it. If the pump activates, pushes out the water, and turns off, then no further steps necessary, it’s in working order. If not, make a note, you’ll want to talk with a plumbing specialist.
  • Empty it All Out
    • It might not be immediately evident, but there are many features of a well-operating plumbing system other than toilets and sinks. Things like gutters, downspouts, vent pipes, and drains around your home all handle the collecting and removal of water. Go about and ensure that all of these are free and clear of debris, lest they cause a backup and possible flooding.

That should do it for the plumbing portion of this Spring Cleaning series. Remember, while going about these steps to make a note of anything that isn’t up to snuff or not working correctly and contact a specialist as soon as possible. While a lot of maintenance is just upkeep, repairs are at times necessary. The faster these problems are identified and rectified, the less likely your home will have a catastrophic flood on your hands. Next time on the blog we’ll take a look at spring cleaning tips for your HVAC systems.


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