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Welcome back to the Parker & Sons Blog where you will find all the info you need to keep your plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems running in tip – top shape, and loads more. This month we have been discussing spring cleaning and that continues today. After the cold winter, there is something so refreshing about going through your home, getting it cleaned up, rinsed, aired, dried, and otherwise scented that really puts the whole season into delightful perspective. When you’re going about that process, here are some tips for your HVAC unit!

Lots of professionals will suggest taking care of your HVAC unit first and foremost in the Spring and that’s for very good reason. It’s the backbone of your entire home’s air quality. As Spring arrives, so too does pollen, spores, and all the other delightful allergens that may give you or those in your home issues.  Not to mention, as you go about cleaning, sweeping, and dusting your home you’re bound to kick up lots of particles. An HVAC unit operating at it’s best will ensure the air is filtered well.

  • Replace All Your Filters
  • Inspect Windows
    • Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning, it’s about upkeep. Check your windows to ensure they are sealed correctly and you aren’t losing heat or cool air through the gaps. If necessary, caulk the seals. This will save you money on energy and decrease the amount of particles finding their way into your home.
    • Open and close the windows. If they do so easily and seal tightly, then no worry! If they seem to be rough then consider the weather stripping might need replacement.
  • Clean the HVAC and Ducts
    • Clean the ducts in your home and get them free of dust and debris. While this may be more difficult to do on your own, it is possible to at least clean the covers and the entrances to the ducts.
    • The HVAC system itself can use a cleaning, as we’ve talked about before. The coils and outer surfaces of the system can be dirty or covered in debris, all of which can hinder its ability to condition your air.

No matter what order you do it in, taking a look at your HVAC system as the Spring cleaning bug hits is a great idea. You’ll set yourself up for a more efficient, in money and energy, season as well as be able to get a jump on the necessary repairs before Summer hits and becomes unbearable.


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