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The very nature of the domicile suggest safety. Indeed, a roof over one’s head is essential for survival and considered necessary for true security. That is why it’s a great pleasure to share with you a few home safety tips that should always be adhered to.

CO Poisoning—Silent but Deadly

The previous maxim is frequently misapplied to characterizing flatulence. But, when applied to C0 poisoning it is no laughing matter. It can kill you. C0 stands for Carbon Monoxide, a deadly gas made up of one carbon and one oxygen molecule. This odorless, colorless gas, is non-irritating but ultimately deadly. Usually it requires a confined space and a car exhaust. But it can also leak into the house from the stove. At Parker and Sons, we recommend installing a Carbon Monoxide alarm to deal with C0 poisoning. Just for science sake, some of the symptoms include, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and fainting.

Heating Equipment

This should seem obvious but always position your heating equipment on a flat surface to avoid the exposure of a heated coil to a dry flammable substance such as a carpet. Always make sure that your furnace or portable heater is trust certified. Also, make sure you check your fire alarms regularly in the event that a fire takes place.

Out of Sight out Of Mind

When it comes to home safety, a phrase from the catholic our father comes to mind: “lead us not into temptation.” Indeed, cut off trouble before it happens. Don’t leave valuable items in plain sight or leave expensive equipment in an open garage. You are inviting the thieves of the world into your home and consequently a world of trouble.

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