So you are Interested in Become a Plumber? - Parker & Sons

So you are interested in starting an illustrious career as a plumber? Well, you have come to the right place. Parker & Sons is one of the Valley of the Sun’s premier plumbing employers. Yet, while our team of plumbing professionals is large, we only accept the best. You may be wondering, beside the glamorous lifestyle, exactly what are the benefits of becoming a plumber? What qualifications do I need? Are there opportunities for advancement once I begin my career?

Benefits of a Career in Plumbing

One of the largest benefits ofstarting a career in plumbing, is job security. This is not an industry that will ever go out of style. People will always need plumbers. As long as we are living in homes, flushing toilets, taking showers, cleaning clothes, and cooking, plumbers will always be in demand. Additionally, the demand for plumbers means that you can ply your trade anywhere. Every city, town, or village in the world needs a plumber. Why couldn’t that man be you?!

Required Qualifications

Before you can do anything else, you are going to need to receive some vocational training. This is when you learn the basics of plumbing. Most vocational programs will required you to have a high school diploma or GED. This is because plumbing requires a foundation in math and science. After completing vocational training, you will need to complete an apprenticeship. An experienced plumber will give you compressive, hands-on, in field training. Once you complete your apprenticeship you will be ready to be licensed! Next stop, employment!

Moving up in the World

As your skills grow and you gain more experience, you might wonder how you can move up in the world of plumbing. Down the road, if you keep working hard, you could potentially become a field manager, an operations manager, or even a distributions manage. The sky is the limit!


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